Air Pollution Mask N95, ea
Air Pollution Mask N95, ea
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Air Pollution Mask N95, ea

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95 Plus Face Mask Model 9511

  • Complies with requirements of EN 149: 2001 and A1: 2009.
  • Tested to FFP2 (EU)Standard.
  • Tested to KN95 (CN) Standard.
  • Equivalent to N95 (USA) Standard.
  • This product DOES NOT meet standards for medical and surgical use.
  • Has a filter efficiency of up to 95% to filter particles larger than 0.3mm.
  • For personal and construction use ONLY.
  • Used as PPE.

95 Plus face masks are personal protective equipment (PPE) that are used to protect the wearer from airborne particles and from liquid contaminating the face.

It is important to recognize that the best way to prevent airborne transmissions is to avoid exposure and take everyday preventive actions, such as hand washing, to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases.

Some harmful particles can cause cancer or may be radioactive; others harm the respiratory system. Prolonged exposure may cause development of serious conditions. In addition, many people are confronted at work and elsewhere with upsetting odors. Filtering facepieces offer protection in three categories: against aqueous oily aerosols, smoke, and fine particles.

  • Protects against harmful firm and fluid types of dust, smoke and aerosols.
  • Protects against fibrogenic particles, which can irritate the respiratory system in the short term and affect pulmonary tissue in the long term.
  • Inward leakage of air up to a maximum of 11%
  • Protects against a 10x concentration of the Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) of hazardous substances.

The 95 Plus Face Mask (Model No 9511) will NOT offer sufficient protection if used for medical or surgical use.

Protection-class face masks are made for environments in which harmful and mutagenic particles can be found in the air we breathe. Respirator masks of this class provide a barrier to at least 94 % of particles measuring larger than 0.3mm and may be used in environments where hazardous substances exceed the OEL by up to a maximum of tenfold concentration.

Protection-class respirator face masks are often worn in industries such as metalworking and mining, where people are frequently in contact with aerosols, fog and smoke which can result in serious conditions of the respiratory system and secondary diseases. Our filter system, with a layer of meltblown cloth, protects wearers from unpleasant odors and particles on top of the required breathing protection.